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Monday February 8th, 2010 - GreEn`mArine

[General] Update for ladder servers

Attention ladder server admins!

Please update the common ladder config on your server. You also have to download a modified progs.dat and put it into the data folder of your server (do not rename the file, leave it as it is, progs_overtimefix.dat).

The changes are:
  • Shotgun "nerfed" to only do 50% of the damage it does in 2.5.2 default settings
  • Machine gun"nerfed" to only do 80% of the damage it does in 2.5.2 default settings
  • progs.dat change (this is the "gamecode" executed on the server): this one is based on the original 2.5.2 source code, but the overtime feature is fixed, which is necessary for tournaments

I know, I know, my philosophy has always been to not alter the Nexuiz gameplay, but these two weapons are simply too strong since the 2.5.2 antilag allows players to hit shots more generously.

Please be aware that your ladder server must not have any other settings that change the weapon damage or other gameplay settings.

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Monday October 5th, 2009 - morfar

[General] Nexuiz 2.5.2

Hi ladder community.

Nexuiz 2.5.2 has been released! Read about the changes here

There are some issues with it though. Like; water, sg/mg balance and overtime is broken. So ladder admins should probably wait for the hotfix 2.5.3, and update.
I plan to update ladder cfgs later. And e-mail a special mod to server admins.

glhf anyway :P

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Friday May 1st, 2009 - GreEn`mArine

[General] Nexuiz v2.5.1 released!

Nexuiz 2.5.1 was released which is mainly a bugfix patch.

All server admins have to update their servers to the new release. You also have to update the common ladder config!

Important information for all players:
The alias for voting for fullbright skins has changed, it's now sv_fbskin_xxx (not sv_defaultplayer_fbskin_xxx)

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Saturday April 25th, 2009 - GreEn`mArine

[2on2 ladder] Change of item respawn time to 25 sec

A couple of months ago KojaK started a discussion about the increase of the respawn time of weapons, small health/armor and ammo from 15 seconds up to 25 seconds (only for 2on2 TDM gameplay!). Have a look at this poll/discussion for further information. I do now enforce this change for all 2on2 ladder servers, effective immediately.

Ladder server admins of servers that support the 2on2 mode, please update your
- Common ladder config and
- 2on2 TDM ladder config
on your server and re-execute the ladder_2on2tdm.cfg so that the new settings are in effect.

Note that I am aware that there are good points in favour of and also against this decision. That's why these settings aren't meant to be fixed for the rest of time, but are probably just a first step in order to find a well balanced way of playing competitive 2on2 matches. Please, do play a lot of matches on these servers and report both positive and negative feedback on the thread in the forums!

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Friday April 3rd, 2009 - GreEn`mArine

[General] Nexuiz v2.5 released!

Finally the long awaited Nexuiz v2.5 has been released. It comes with a huge load of new features and bugfixes. Apart from that, basically all functions from the tourney mod that was used in v2.4.2 have been included into Nexuiz v2.5, which makes the further usage of this mod unnecessary.

Again, as this is a new release, this means that all players have to update their copy of Nexuiz. This does also apply to the servers, of course.

Server admin information:
There is no more tourney mod to use anymore. It is highly recommended that you setup your server from scratch for this release. A detailed guide is available here! In this guide you'll also find out how you can make your ladder server a universal ladder server, that allows the players to vote for 1on1 Deathmatch, 2on2 Team Deathmatch and 3on3 CTF modes.

Information for the players (please read this!):
  • It is quite possible that some of the updated ladder servers will become universal ladder servers that allow you to change the mode by voting for either of the aliases 1on1dm, 2on2tdm or 3on3ctf. To check whether this works on the server of your choice, enter vhelp into console and have a look at the list of votable commands that the server returned to you.
  • In case that you had put a tourney_vars.cfg into your data dir and had that executed in your autoexec.cfg, you can delete that file now and remove the exec entry from your autoexec.cfg
  • not allowed to use the other, outdated client-side packages such as the nexgunbeam or nogibs package that used to be allowed during v2.4.2 times. There is no need to use them, as you can have your old nexgun beam back by setting the variable cl_particles_oldnexbeam to 1, or remove the gibs while playing by setting the corresponding checkbox in the settings menu. Apart from that you are not allowed to change the content of v2.5, thus you are not allowed to replace the v2.5 weapon sounds or models with other sounds/models!
  • Please note that all regular, updated ladder servers, regardless which mode (1on1/2on2/3on3) they are using, allow you to enable the minstagib mode. So don't be confused if you connect to a 1on1 server for example and find out that it runs minstagib. Just do a vcall g_minstagib 0 to get rid of it again.
  • In case that you created keybinds that call a timeout in v2.4.2 (tourney mod), please notice that the command names changed in 2.5. They are now timeout and timein (before they were calltimeout and resumegame
  • CTF ladder: please notice that now only flag captures are counting. The score or frags of your team are now irrelevant for the winning condition. Please consider this when entering your match result, as you shall only enter the number of flag captures there.

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